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NFTs are slowly tokenizing the world as we know it. Each new tokenized…

RiveX will use the Witnet Decentralized Oracle Network to power the Sonce NFT platform and other DeFi initiatives!

How RiveX will use Witnet

RiveX will be utilizing the Witnet decentralized oracle network to retrieve and deliver high-value off-chain data to a variety of mechanisms within the RiveX ecosystem.

RiveX is a chain agnostic interoperable layer-2 solution, aiming to empower the next generation of decentralized applications, decentralized finance, and enterprise solutions. As the RiveX dApp ecosystem expands, it will require an accurate, efficient, and secure methods for data retrieval. …

Introducing League of Stakes version 3, collaborative staking with NULS, including a Project Y farming update for Pool 2 & Pool 3.


The time has come to introduce our third and final round of staking with RiveX, League of Stakes version 3. Read on to get up to speed with the latest staking parameters and our newest staking partner, NULS. More info on Nuls coming soon!

We have also updated Pool 2 and Pool 3 for Project Y.

League of Stakes version 3

Key Points

Powering Liquidity Generation Events with NFTs!

Where We Started

Uniswap’s surprise airdrop of UNI tokens this year was an interesting reminder of how many projects tried to get a footing in the DeFi space half a decade ago. Back then we saw Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs every week — many were cash grabs and did not involve much KYC or governance. Some did not even have a proper white paper.

As the distrust in ICOs mounted and the number of projects still continued to explode, project creators started trying other techniques such as the airdrop — some like Omisego performed an airdrop…

An overview of the first Sonce use-case, including other potential use-case examples!

The RiveX team has been working around the clock to finalize the Sonce platform, and we’d like to thank our community for the continued support! With the release of the Sonce NFT minting platform just around the corner, we have prepared an overview of the very first Sonce use-case! The automated parcel locker, tokenized! We’ve also included some other potential future use-case examples, let’s dive right in.

We have the Technology

You hear a lot about NFTs and their many potential uses. The possibilities are endless. Many years ago you would have…

An early overview of the Sonce platform!

Once Upon a Time

The humble beginnings of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on blockchains have been demonstrated in many proof-of-concept applications — from virtual kittens to trading cards to collectible digital artworks.

These blockchain applications are recent, making their debut just under five years ago. Today, we can already look back at these fun projects as reminiscent artifacts of the good old days of blockchain.

NFTs are now here to stay in the DeFi world — and they’re bringing assets onto the chain like never before.

Betting Against the House

Once real-world assets are tokenized, their DeFi journey can begin. These platforms…

Dear Rivexians, as you may know, Pool 3 rewards have come to an end. We are moving from Balancer to Uniswap with 500 YRX to be farmed. Please follow below:

Pool 3 update — Moving from Balancer to Uniswap

OLD Pool 3 — USDT/YRX Balancer 98/2 LP Pool

This is the pool that was used for providing liquidity for the YRX/USDT pair on Balancer to farm for YRX.

Contract address: 0x07b33c29960C005889B5F3746667a0AA7D260166

NEW POOL 3 — YRX/ETH Uniswap LP Pool

This will be the new pool used for providing liquidity for the YRX/ETH pair on Uniswap to farm for YRX

Contract address: 0x3d8E9CfBf8dAC92784255b6363E30B5982A40d89

Dear Rivexians, as you may know, Pool 2 rewards have come to an end. We are relaunching Pool 2 with an additional 1000 YRX. Please follow below:

Pool 2 update

RVX/USDT Uniswap LP Pool — This is the pool you will use if you wish to provide liquidity for the RVX/USDT pair on Uniswap to farm for YRX.


Contract address: 0xD620eeb5D41845C54ec1D27D97A0b456C6aE4bB6


Contract address: 0xc9ca969d25441e1eff73ca71c11f565e83d35726

What is Sonce? Let’s deep dive into RiveX’s new venture in DeFi!

HODL On Tight!

Where’s that ICO you bought into two years ago? How’s it doing? Has the value plunged to just one Satoshi on CoinGecko? Has it “gone to the moon” and is now worth 10 times more than the ICO price?

HODLing is perhaps one of the grandfather cultures of DeFi. It was a cocktail of patience, luck, and a little bit of financial know-how. As the DeFi space expanded rapidly, HODLing has become a rather archaic technique. …

How NFTs could tokenize the world!

NFTs are slowly tokenizing the world as we know it. Each new tokenized asset on blockchain represents a small step forward towards a new virtual digital economy. NFTs have an incredibly diverse potential use-case, let’s deep dive into some real-world examples below.

Shut Up and Drive


Interoperable and Scalable Layer-2 Solutions

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