Introducing Sonce — Bridging real-world assets to DeFi

HODL On Tight!

Where’s that ICO you bought into two years ago? How’s it doing? Has the value plunged to just one Satoshi on CoinGecko? Has it “gone to the moon” and is now worth 10 times more than the ICO price?

Sonce — The Digital Asset Management Platform

RiveX’s new venture in DeFi, named Sonce, will be powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This system will create an NFT minting platform that aims to be truly decentralized, allowing users to mint NFTs based on real-world assets.

Over the Rainbow

Not every desired asset is tokenized. Sure, we have pegged tokens like ZrCoin and USDT that connect some real-world or fiat currencies and assets to crypto counterparts but this is not always the best option. Pegging tokens always require consistent minting and burning to keep the balance just right.

The Basket Case

A diversified portfolio is often regarded as a healthy one as not all your eggs are in one basket. A diversified risk is a good risk though it may not reap the rewards one would often read about in mega-success stories or Hollywood films.

About RiveX Foundation

RiveX is a chain agnostic interoperable layer-2 solution across different blockchain protocols. RiveX aims to empower the next generation of decentralized applications, decentralized finance and enterprise solutions. RiveX has comprehensive interoperable DeFi solutions such as RX Wallet which aims to integrate DAPPS from different blockchain protocols to enable an interoperable DeFi ecosystem within RX Wallet itself.



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