NFT Swap — YRX Swap


  1. The RiveX team is not responsible and committed to the development, roadmap and marketing initiatives of YRX Swap as this is a social experiment and community driven project.
  2. The RiveX team is only here to kickstart the development work. The upcoming development work should be held responsible by the YRX community.
  3. This will be the first and the last time that YRX Swap will be posted on RiveX medium channel due to the urgency of the article. The YRX community should be putting up the article themselves.


NFTs are slowly tokenizing the world as we know it. Each new tokenized asset on blockchain represents a small step forward towards a new virtual digital economy.

How it works?

Yrxswap is a decentralized NFT trading platform. Anyone is able to trade, swap or sell NFT on this platform.

Interoperable and Scalable Layer-2 Solutions