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How to register for the Quest and other important details

Round 5 begins on Thursday, 30th January 2020, 12 PM GMT. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for round 5, including new users and those returning from previous rounds.

We have edited this guide with changes below:

  1. ‘Feedback form’ which was compulsory to complete during the quest has been removed.
  2. Quest platform will only display questions after discussion time in the official channel is up.
  3. Existing participant guide (those returning from previous rounds)
  4. Please ensure you follow all the !!!IMPORTANT!!! points closely throughout the guide!

A step-by-step guide on how to register for the Rivex Community Quest

Please read the Rivex Community Quest rules VERY CAREFULLY before participating.

1. One account per user

2. No cheating or unfair methods

3. No foul language

4. No sharing of answers

5. To be eligible for rewards you need to complete all steps in the round

6. New participants can join the Quest at the start of every new round. You are not required to complete previous rounds to take part in the upcoming rounds

7. You have to follow and show your support on social media platforms

8. If you break the rules, you WILL be disqualified, banned from all channels, and your quest progress will be deleted.

With the quest just hours away, let’s take a look at how to register using Rivexio, our friendly Rivex telegram bot.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t have a Telegram handle please set one. Visit your Telegram settings and set an @username before you proceed.

1. To begin, send our bot Rivexio a private message. To do this, search for the bot’s handle on telegram @rivex_bot.

2. Once you have pressed “Start”, reply to the bot using “/quest” where you will then need to read and accept the Rivex Quest T&C’s and Rulebook to proceed.

3. You will now need to enter your name and email address as per the bot's instructions.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Existing users need to use THE SAME email address and name they used for the first round, otherwise rewards will be lost.

4. Once complete, you will receive this message from the bot:

5. Your registration via the bot is now complete.

What to do after you complete your registration via Rivexio bot

Now that you have completed your registration, let’s take a look at what happens next.

1. To begin the quest, admins will be posting a topic of discussion on the @RiveXOfficial telegram group. This discussion will last 1 hour only.

2. You will be required to engage in this discussion in order to qualify for participation in the quest. The group will be put on slow-mode to prevent spam and allow for users to provide answers. You will be awarded a special registration token according to the quality of your answers, so answer carefully!

3. Head on over back to the Rivexio bot after you have produce your discussion to verify from time to time if you can proceed with the quest. Reply to the bot using “/code”. If you were awarded the special registration token for your answers during the discussion you will receive a message from the bot with your unique registration URL. Do not share this with anyone!

4. Those who receive this error message from the bot were not awarded with the special registration token and do not qualify for round three. Try again in round six!

Those who were awarded the special registration token can continue to the quest platform using the URL provided by the bot

Follow the link provided by the bot to the Rivex quest platform.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Existing users MUST skip to step 5 below

1. Once you have arrived on the quest platform, click the “Sign Up” button.

2. Once you have clicked signed up, you will be sent an authentication (OTP) code to the email you used to sign up with the bot.

3. Check your email (and spam box) for the code sent to you and enter it on the Rivex Quest Platform.

4. Once you have entered your code, you will be brought to this screen where you will need to create a unique username/login ID, along with a strong password. (this will be the same details for you to access RX Wallet when it is release in the future)

5. You will now need to login using your Username/login ID and password created before. Existing users (from previous rounds) can simply login with their details here

3. Once you have logged in, you will be required to complete the various remaining quest tasks. You will only be allowed to proceed to the next task if you enter the correct answers for the previous tasks. Please take note, some tasks will require you to visit 3rd party websites in order to retrieve secret words to complete tasks.

4. Once you have answered all question correctly, you will be shown a reference code to retrieve your rewards in the future. Keep it safe and DO NOT share it with anyone! If you are not shown a code, it means you have not completed the quest round in time. For those without rank, it means the winner cap has been reached. You will still be given a code however it will be for our internal record.

6. If you made it this far, you have completed the round! We look forward to seeing you around for the next round :) Stay tuned to our Telegram group for further details on the rounds to come.

Existing participants will need to ensure details below (name and email) are the same as per your previous registration for the first round. Trigger the /quest command on the bot to verify.

  1. Bot registration is not needed as your details will be stored. Just head to the bot and enter the /code command once you have produced your discussion on the official channel and verify if you received the token to proceed to platform.
  2. Clicking on the link for step 5 will lead directly to platform login screen where you can directly login using your same details and begin your quest.

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